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Morning, noon and night.

I am collecting light and shadow from various parts of the day, on whatever device I have to hand. It is interesting to note the quality of light and the mood this light creates dependant on time of day, the time of year and of course how the device of choice captures it. This light and shadow is all around us, yet goes largely unnoticed as we scurry through our busy lives. How this light (and shadow) creates mood, should encourage much critical discourse, after all, without it, how bland would the world around us be?

It would be interesting to note how these images make people feel, can you tell the time of day, the time of year and the seasons from the light which is hitting the surface?

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Is the moving image the future of photograph? My investigation continues and has spilled over into the realm of simulated reality and its relation to memory and photography.



The mental image: Does the after image have an aura? Stare at the dot in the centre of the image for 30 seconds, then look at the dot opposite. What do you see?

The final selection for my MA project ‘This view from here’ 2017. A journey through my domestic life, shot on Rolleiflex with Tri x 120 film.