Photoshop for Photographers: The basics

Beginner’s Digital image editing and printing workshop:

a field somewhere in yorkshire. stages of edit
a field somewhere in yorkshire. stages of edit

I hear it often, Photoshop editing is trickery and Photographers should be able to do it all in camera. Mostly these are people who have a fear of technology, of embracing digital image editing.

Take it from me that is a load of purist bollocks.

Anyone who does not processes their digital images, is not paying attention to what they are actually creating. Digital images are a load of dog shit straight out of the camera.

If you shoot film, you have to process the negatives correctly. Without processing them, you simply have a no negative. If you process them badly you will have a shit negative, and then you can only ever make a shit print.

Digital photography is no different. Your RAW file is your negative, and Photoshop is your developer and your darkroom.

Get over the digital fear and embrace it. Once you do that your imagery will begin to excel.


The good, the bad and the ugly.

Now as with traditional photography, there are good ways and bad ways of creating a print, or a digital image. In this case we are making a digital image for digital display, and also preparing digital image to be printed on paper.

My basic workshop is specifically designed to enable you to get the best out of your RAW image file. I teach you how to have 100% confidence in the processes you will learn.

There is no wanging about of sliders, no assuming the exposure is correct, no trusting the monitor, no sliding buttons about until we think the image looks cool! Everything I teach gives you precise, 100% control in all of the elements of your image processing. We trust in Maths.


More fallacy… Being excellent at Photoshop makes you a better photographer.

No it doesn’t!

Becoming a competent editor will however make you a better editor and printer, and these are key skills required if you are to be an excellent image maker.


So what exactly does my BEGINNER digital image editing workshop cover?

Basic equipment required

Setting up your digital workflow

Basic RAW file conversion: Exposure: Detail: White balance: Noise

File types and sizes, rights and wrongs

Fine tuning JPG exposures and colour balance

Black and White conversion

Preparing images for print

Resizing images for varying displays.


That is basically it, nothing else. So please do not expect a workshop on how to cut people out, make people thinner, younger etc. That is for the advanced workshop.

Rest assured you will learn a lot about digital imagery and editing. I have over a decade of experience in teaching both new and experienced photographers, enriching their editing and retouching knowledge.



We will be based out of my New York Studio in Rotherham, which is on the edge of town, there is ample secure free car parking. The train station is 5 minutes away and I will collect you if you are coming by train.


My guarantee? If you are not satisfied with the workshop, you get your money back!

This workshop is dedicated to its participants. It is my job to inform you and guide you through the basics and set you on the road to understanding digital image making.

There are no egos allowed in my sessions. The sessions are simply about you gaining the confidence and ability to enable you to begin to expand your editing practice.

I guarantee you will leave the workshops having attained a much more thorough understanding of digital image editing and printing.


So the important details:

Time & Date: Sunday 10th December 2017. 10am to 5pm

Cost: £200 per person.

Finger buffet lunch and refreshments are included. Please advise me of any food allergies in advance to avoid an Anaphylactic shock with eating my sarnies and nibbles!

You will receive an attendance certificate to take away with you:

To book your place click below.

Essential equipment required: Bring with you:

A laptop/ Macbook with at least Adobe Photoshop CS6

Some of your own RAW files

Address: new York Studio, Unit 4, the Mews, Station Road, Rotherham, S60 1JH.


So you may be thinking, £200 that a bit steep for a beginners course! You all know full well that you can get an ‘Intro to photoshop course’ taught by any clueless charlatan for £40 quid for the day, but ultimately what are you going to learn from it? Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and in paying for me you are guaranteeing you will learn, understand and improve, and that is the point, right? £200 with me to realize you have just saved yourself a lot of watching you tube videos and getting nowhere! !

A heads up:

Places are limited and tend to sell out fast, so please book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

That’s about it: If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all!

Cheers, Lance