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MA Photography

Born of frustration.

Imagine producing competent and technically brilliant photographic work for a myriad of clients, earning a living from photography, teaching photography, yet ultimately feeling no critical or artistic worth in either your approach or in the work you have created?

This project was born of frustration, and became a journey of self-discovery, of discovering new ways of seeing, and ultimately one evolving a deeper understanding and acceptance of visual communication.

A personal journey of self-doubt, honesty and mental enrichment, the uncovering of a personal theme which once realized, was openly and proudly carried throughout the project.

Through the investigation and digestion of the photographic greats, artists, pioneers, theorists, philosophers, protagonists, historical and contemporary technologies, married with copious amounts of reflection of one’s own practice, and a deeper self-analysis. This project has moved from its humble beginnings of confusion to a place of perfectly understood fruition, whilst producing the most unexpected body of work.

A combination of traditional photographic practice, married with the disposability of contemporary digital technology has allowed this project to flourish, to become something exciting and unpredictable.

Stimulated by the domestic environment and the desire to facilitate the absorption of this personal space for the viewer, to transcribe the experience of the creation of this work in to one of their own, the final show and body of work are besieged with a highly personal, inescapable interaction with the domestic view of the photographer.

This view from here.

The exhibition is available to view from:

25th to 29th July at Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Road, Nottingham NG1 1DL

25th August to 8th September 2017 at Riverside Gallery, Riverside House, Main Street Rotherham, S60 1AE