17th February 2018


I am a visual communicator, a photographer, a master of light and dark.

I employ a multi-layered approach to his projects, creating a style of work which allows the viewer to be immersed in what I have experienced when creating a photograph, whether part of a personal project or client work.

I consider myself an ever involving a master of photography, encompassing digital editing and retouching, I also continue to work with traditional film processes, predominantly medium format.

With over a decade of experience creating both personal and client work, my  work is widely published and exhibited.

I am a qualified teacher with a Certificate in Education, and hold a Master of the Arts degree in Photography.

I own and curate Lumiere Gallery in Rotherham where you can purchase fine art prints of my work and select few local artists. www.lumieregallery.uk

Feel free to get in touch anytime!

Cheers, Lance